ptrmharAn unfortunate accident struck Mang Ambo where he lost all his ten fingers.  When he was rushed to the hospital, the doctor asked, “Where are the severed fingers?” Ambo answered, “Sorry doc, but I did not bring the cut off fingers.”  The doctor  said, “Ha! Why did you not bring them with you?”

Ambo quickly replied, “How could I even pick up them, I do not have my fingers any longer!”

Often, our various deficiencies become our excuses to accomplish nothing in life.  Moses once a victim of this because he was slow in speech and tongue. Paul was also one,  because at first, he thought that the thorn in his flesh was a liability for him. Little did they know that their physical deficiencies would become an opportunity for God’s display of His power.

Therefore, whenever we are faced with these deficiencies, we don’t need to pity ourselves nor feel incapacitated. We can never tell when our deficiencies would be God’s opportunity for us.

Ptr. Mhar Contemprato

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