ptrlynardTo build a strong building, we need to use strong materials for construction. It is the same with our faith. God uses His miracles, blessings and His Word as His materials to build our faith.

There is a story in the Bible in Luke 8:43-48 about a woman who has an incurable disease. This woman was bleeding for 12 long years and no one could heal her. But when she heard the news about Jesus, she came up behind Him and touched His cloak because she believed, “If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.” And truly her faith worked. She received instant healing from Jesus!

After this miracle, Jesus asked the crowd in verse 45 “Who touched me?” When Jesus asked this question, His intention was to encourage the woman to share her amazing experience with Him.

The first beneficiary of this testimony was Jairus, a father whose daughter was dying. Jairus found a “faith builder” through the woman who was instantly healed.

Be a “FAITH BUILDER.” Share the miracles of God in your life to those who need to build and strengthen their faith in Jesus.


Ptr. Lynard Molo

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