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The Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations (Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations-italicized) tells of an experienced bus driver who had driven more than 3 million accident-free kilometers. One day, while he was driving, he was struck by a terrible chest pain and he grimaced. Another driver on board offered to take over, but he refused and said, “No, I’ve got to get it off the highway myself.”

And the bus driver did. He was able to pull the vehicle into a rest area just before he died, saving the lives of his 44 passengers.

What a determined person!

Determination is defined as the strength of mind and character to pursue something without being hindered by anyone or anything.

Apostle Paul showed even much determination for being single-minded for Christ (1 Corinthians 2:2) that he purposed to accomplish God’s task regardless of the opposition from the Corinthian believers.

How about you? Are you determined and purposed to accomplish God’s assignment for you regardless of the opposition that you face?

Your co-servant in Christ,

Ptr. Rodel dela Cruz

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