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Ecclesiastes 10:10 (MSG) Remember: The duller the ax the harder the work; Use your head: The more brains, the less muscle.

In my teenage life, I had the chance to live in a barrio where I also experienced to use an axe to cut firewoods. It is indeed difficult to cut them with a dull axe. It would require a lot of strength to make the axe penetrate the log deeper. Thus, I got tired easily with limited accomplishment. But, with a sharpened axe, I worked easier with more firewoods cut.

God has given us a lot of things to do in life. In order to accomplish the things that the Lord has for us, we will need to acquire some wisdom. Acquiring wisdom is like sharpening the axe. It will help you do the job with less difficulty. Wisdom makes us more proficient and helps us to accomplish the tasks at hand.

We can get God’s wisdom from the Word of God, through prayer, and from the counsel of those who are godly and wise.

Serving you in Christ,

Pastor Jet Javier

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