Activate Praise!!!

What do you do when you experience great pain or suffering in life? A non-follower of Jesus would normally engage in activities such as drinking alcohol beverages, taking some drugs, [...]

Always Remember and Believe Jesus!

May 7, 2007, 10 years ago, Israeli archeologists discover the tomb of Herod the Great south of Jerusalem. We remember Herod who made a history in the Bible which was [...]

God is our Healer!

This liner is easier said than truly believing it unless you get a chance to experience it yourself. Today, I recall my first encounter with divine healing. In 1989, Gigi, [...]

Are you giving what belongs to God? In one occasion, spies sent by the Pharisee asked the Lord the legality of paying taxes to Caesar. The Lord asked for a [...]

Living Our Life with Eternal Mindset If our lives are not a journey towards heaven, by default, it will be a journey to hell! Ask one another: “How is the hope [...]

Growing Faith Do you ever wonder if you're growing spiritually? How can you tell if your faith is continuously growing? One of the indicators that you are growing in your [...]

HONORABLE MENTION My daughter Denise texted me one day telling me that she’ll be graduating from De La Salle College of St. Benilde with an “Honorable Mention” award. And I [...]

One Thing You Lack What we love most, at times, becomes our top priority. In one instance, there was a story in the Bible of a young, rich man who [...]