Are You Running Flat?

Have you ever traveled a long journey uphill and suddenly you were driving on at tires? Movement gets slower since the tire doesn’t have enough air to carry heavy load. [...]

Hello My Dear Brethren

Do you sometimes feel that Sunday services are a bit short and you are still wanting for more? If you are longing fr a bit more of extended hours of [...]


Lessons that I've learned from Mr. Failure. I'm 52 years old and have spent 27 years in the ministry. I believe I have some "gold nuggets" to share about this [...]

Activate Praise!!!

What do you do when you experience great pain or suffering in life? A non-follower of Jesus would normally engage in activities such as drinking alcohol beverages, taking some drugs, [...]

Always Remember and Believe Jesus!

May 7, 2007, 10 years ago, Israeli archeologists discover the tomb of Herod the Great south of Jerusalem. We remember Herod who made a history in the Bible which was [...]