outburst-v2The first ever party event of Youth Empowered Philippines

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO THE PARTY OF THE YEAR! We have set the stage for you to RELEASE YOUR INTENSITY WITHIN! Come and join us this coming August 19 & 23 for an OUTBURST PARTY!!!

According to a research, the need for oneself to be socially connected, or to have social belongingness, is a basic human motivation (Chen, n.d.). Another research shows that there is a period of “storm and stress” during teenage years. Youth issues such as conflicts with parents, having extreme emotions, engagement to vices, heavy reliance on friends, and uncontrollable behavior take place at this moment of their lives (Cohen & Walton, 2004). Sadly, moral purity gets compromised on a higher level in the youth’s pursuit of belongingness.

The verge of my search for social belongingness also happened during my teenage years. I allowed bad influences to enter my life when I was in 1st year high school, just to “belong.” As I pondered on things, I realized that the gap between my parents and I led me to this initiative. On the other hand, it was a good thing that my dad made his intentional move on building a relationship with his only son. This allowed me to have that sense of belongingness within the family which equipped me for the bigger challenge – college life.

In college, we have almost all the freedom to do whatever we want, for our parents have less involvement with us. It is the time to socialize and find our belongingness in the grandest parties made available for you and me! But this may also be the time when the lives of the youth tumble down to vices, drug addiction, and sexual immorality. These occurrences may be happening during our party lifestyle.

To party is to celebrate something for. Yet, is the downfall of the youth worth the celebration? Shouldn’t God’s faithfulness be the reason for the party? God’s FAITHFULNESS in our lives is overabundant and this should make us OUTBURST, to release the intensity within. However, our intensity within may also derail our lives. That is why God’s faithfulness should be the purpose of our parties, for God’s faithfulness leads us to HOLINESS.

1 Thessalonians 4:1, 7 (EXB)
1 Brothers and sisters, we taught you how to live in a way that will please God, and you are living that way. Now we ask and encourage you in the Lord Jesus to live that way even more. 7 For God did not call us to a life of sin, but to holiness.

Youth, we do not need to worry about where we belong in this world. God has always been there for us in our ups and downs. He has accepted us for who we are, and even for what we have done. Now, let us rebuild our relationship with the Lord that we may celebrate God’s faithfulness, and continue to live a holy life.

This is the way to party! Party in God’s faithfulness! OUT! BURST!! PARTY!!!

Holily starting my party life,


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