Si Ambo ay naging security guard sa isang national museum. Isang turista ang nagtanong sa edad ng mga buto ng caveman.

Sagot ni Ambo, “Well, they are two million, four years, and six months old.”

“That’s an awfully exact number. How do you know their age so precisely?” tanong ng turista.

Sagot ni Ambo, “Well, simple.  The  caveman’s bones were two million years old when I started working here, and that was four years and six months ago.”

Sometimes we don’t go into detail of everything anymore because it makes us bored. I myself admit that there is a book in the bible that makes me bored because it has too many details for the required items in worship.

But the good thing that we can see about it is this: we have a God of details. In fact, He is so much concerned about the details of our lives.  The Bible tells us that “even the very hairs of our heads are all numbered” by the Lord (Matthew 10:30).

With this, we may rest assured that God knows our very needs.  For He knows the very details of our lives even the simple concerns of our hearts.


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