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The school year is about to end and so let me congratulate the graduates, as well as the parents. To most people, to graduate is in itself a success. That is why most, if not all, people strive to finish their studies no matter how difficult and costly it is.

But how can we really attain success? In Joshua 1:8, the LORD tells us that good success comes from:

  • Daily reading, meditating and talking about the Word of God; and
  • Daily living and practicing what the Word of God says.

Above the academics, these are the most important things that we must do and teach our children to do in making our way prosperous and leading to good success.

For this reason, let us (home, school and church) join together as instrument of the LORD and help prepare our children for their blessed future.

God bless us all!

Serving you for the LORD,

Pastor Rodel dela Cruz A

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