PTR.ALLAN5 “In the same way, even though we are many individuals, Christ makes us one body and individuals who are connected to each other.”

I have once thought, “How can a man gain strength after entrusting his life to God?” Be always connected with Him. “And what is the evidence of this connection?” Have a right connection with others.

Real strength of every individual comes from strong connection. Christ connects with us as one body and as one body we are all connected to one another. When we meet regularly with fellow believers to study God’s Word, we mature in faith. When we hear their testimonies we are released from our heavy burdens. We are stronger when we pray together as one family. In a group of many individuals, we may differ from one another. But when we learn to be united in spite of adversities, we will grow strong and that will give God the glory.

What is the key of growing strong in the Lord?

Be Connected, Stay Connected.

Pastor Allan Melaño

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