In our Christian walk, we face a lot of obstacles. And oftentimes, these obstacles become borders or limitations in our lives that prevent us from doing things beyond our faith.

In Matthew 14:25-30, Jesus showed us what is needed to have faith without borders when He invited Peter to walk on the water which is impossible to us humans. Jesus asked Peter to do something that clearly was not possible.   Jesus gave him the command and Peter obeyed and consequently witnessed a great miracle – walking on the water.

In the same way, Jesus will lead you into many situations that seem impossible. When these happen, don’t try to avoid them.  Exercise your faith without borders. So how can we have faith without borders?

  • Do not fear the impossible.
  • Trust the Lord and obey His instructions.
  • Fix your eyes unto Jesus.

Our limitations are not God’s limitations. Believe and do the impossible because with God, all things are possible. Have faith without borders!

With much faith in God,

Pastor Lynard M. Molo

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