I believe that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary works for His kingdom.

In my 18 years in the ministry, I always say “I cannot do it” or “I give up” especially on big responsibilities. But, as I allow God to move in me, change my life and use me, the more I see and experience how He blesses the works He entrusts. Initially, I “got connected” with the Ushering Ministry, then I joined the Sports & Men’s, Visitation & Evangelism, then I became a Care Group leader and eventually the Ministry Head.  I thought that was it, but due to ministerial leadership needs, I became the Head of Cluster – 6, then the Head of the Relationship Department and eventually, I have become a pastor, in response to God’s call. Presently, I am pastoring in COG-Gen. Trias and taking the bigger task of leading the K.I.D. Movement Inc., sharing the Gospel in schools and universities nationwide through Drug Awareness seminars.

John 15:5 strongly states, “Apart from me you can do NOTHING! But with Him, we can do SOMETHING because God’s plan and purpose will be fulfilled, according to His grace and for His glory. 


Humbly in Christ,

Pastor Rhony Pepito

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