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“Ito ang kamukha kong anak,” wikang may pagmamalaki ni Mang Imo sa bawat makausap niya.

This kind of mindset, that children mirror their parent’s image, is in most of us.

In one of Lord Jesus’ encounters with His oppositions (Luke 20:23), He asked them whose image is on the coin or denarius. Answering that it was Caesar’s, He therefore told the oppositions to give the coin back to Caesar because it was his. But He further said to them to also give back to God what belongs to God (Luke 20:24).

The Bible says that God created us in His image and has entrusted us all things. But the question is this: are we giving back to God what He has entrusted us, or are we using them for the world instead?

Are your God-given time, talents, and treasures being used for His glory?

Your co-servant in Christ,

Pastor Rodel dela Cruz

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