Known unto God are all His works from the beginning of the world. (Acts 15:18)

Sometimes in life, we are taken by surprise when unexpected situations like a doctor’s call or an employer’s notice come with tragic news saying “your loved one is dead” or “you are laid off.”

I believe that once we commit our lives to God, everything that happens to us takes place with God’s knowledge and permission. As I was in our mission in Tacloban last week, I was amazed at how God worked as we ministered to people. In our limited resources, God showed His unlimited supply and power. No one who came went home empty handed and the most important and excellent thing happened – everyone received the Lord Jesus in their lives. If I look at our efforts through a man’s perspective, they were truly not enough. But small things become abundant if God is in them.

Brethren, in your moment of discouragement, sorrow or pain, come to God who is never disappointed or surprised. He is touched by your feelings and He understands your circumstances. Come to Him, rest in Him, and trust in Him.

In Christ,

Ptr. Obet Mendoza

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