ptr_ronald-croppedWho would have known that the J12 curriculum, designed to disciple our teenagers inside the church, would be loud enough that even the far-flung places could hear about it?

Teacher Portia, who is a church worker and a teacher of San Antonio Elementary School, a remote barangay of Iriga City, thought that if J12 were taught in classrooms, there would be a transformation in their school.

She earnestly prayed and true enough, the Church have reached 8 campuses including the barangays in the mountains, some with no churches, some are rebel-infested with more than 40 kilometers away from the city proper. It reached 35 classes, discipled 1,250 students in a span of three months with 21 volunteer-teachers.

Truly, the Lord of the harvest has blessed this ministry in campuses. All glory and praises to our Lord Jesus Christ!


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