I’m so blessed to be part of this growing church that makes so much impact on our community, on our beloved country, on the world and of course and most importantly, on the lives of people with whom we connect by bringing them closer to Jesus Christ.

In this new chapter of our church growth, our thrust is to find people whom we can mentor. These are people who love the Lord so much, people who care much for this church, loyal to this denomination and very much willing to carry the “passion torch” until He comes.

My leadership, by God’s grace and by your utmost support, has brought the church this far. I believe strongly in my heart that the next generation leaders can bring this church into greater new heights of success and greater accomplishments all for the glory of God.

Finally, let me encourage you by saying: Let us continue to save souls no matter what! This is the heartbeat of Jesus Christ and I know that as we join hands and save souls together, He will be pleased by it.

Happy 26th anniversary!

Love you much,



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