PTR.mharIsang araw ay natanong si Ambo ng kanyang classmate na mahina sa spelling. Wika n’ya, “Ambo, hindi ako sigurado kung may dalawang ‘r’ ang spelling ng “tomorrow.” Dalawang ‘r’ nga ba ‘yon?”

Sagot ni Ambo, “Classmate, kung alanganin ka sa dalawang ‘r’ eh tatluhin mo na para sigurado.”

To be sure of something, people sometimes think that more numbers are more chances. But this is not absolutely correct. In prayer for instance, calling many names or calling to many gods is not a guarantee nor does it increase chances for answer. Instead, Jesus is teaching us to call to only one God… to His name only (John 16:23).

This promise of the Lord is somehow a great relief for us. With one name we are calling in prayers, we can be sure that our prayers are heard and there is a guarantee of God’s answer. That’s why Jesus said, “Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” (John 16:24).


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