One day, my family and I went to a mall in Alabang for a pleasant bonding in the center of the huge elegant building stood two beautiful cartoon characters.

Turns out, the installations were a showcase of the LEGO company for the promotion of their products. It was a work of art that throught artistic connections, they were able to form the said two characters, making them appealing to every individual visiting there.

Here, we see the beauty of connections. How amazing it is to think that through connections, the small pieces of LEGO bricks can produce beautiful forms.

In view of this, I encourage everyone to have as many connections as we can by supervising our C2S program. For every connection that we do will form a wonderful family that can be appealing to every individual looking for the real meaning of life. Our small participations, when combined together, will surely bring a big impact to many lost souls around us.

With the beauty of coneections, I cordially encourage everyone to be connected and stay connected.

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