You are Special

Have you ever thought what God is thinking about you today?

Once in you life, you were like a lead blown by the wind, floating in the air with nowhere to go. You were nothing, without value—a nobody. You may have looked well-off or someboy adorned with accomplishment, position, or status, but still considered worthless in God’s sight.

One day, something beautiful happened in you life! Surely it was not just a circumstance or an accident. But it is different; it is beyond your expectation or imagination. Something happened when you found God! He touched you and you are no longer the same. You, who are nobody, became somebody. “Who am I, anyway, that the Lord of all th earth would care about me?” you might have thought.

Now you realized that long before the world began, God has been thinking about you and has predestined you based on His foreknowledge to be conformed to His Son, Jesus Christ.

As the Scripture says in 1 Peter 2:10, “Once you were nobody. Now you are God’s people. At one time no one had pity on you. Now God has treated you with kindness.”

Keep this in your mind and in your heart: You are a child of God. You are special!

I, too, am special to Him because of the love of Christ. Praise the Lord!


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